Saturday, March 12, 2011


get the fuck out, bitch.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Starcraft Serenade

Hey everyone!

As some of you requested, my boyfriend has decided to let me blog more frequently. In this particular blog we’re both going to contribute separate thoughts regarding the Starcraft poem I wrote for our anniversary.

Now, I’m not a gamer or anything besides playing LoL and a few console games, but I guess you could say I did my research to develop this poem. Starcraft is his favourite game so I thought it would be best to write something humorous –since I know so little about it– but still show my consideration.

Although googling about SC vocabulary seemed pretty standard, putting it altogether turned out to be a little complex;  seeing as I’d have to know the concepts of the game in order to talk about it. That being said, I’m not quite sure if it makes sense. But hey, it’s the thought that counts!

I know I'm a chobo, but he knows I love him ♥
Boyfriend’s thoughts?


My girl doesn't give herself enough credit; I thought the poem and the drawing were amazing and cute.

She’s right about her not knowing a lot about SC, which is why I was super impressed when she came up with it. It was hard to believe she wrote it at first because her vocab was used perfectly – no matter what she says about it. I remember her questioning me about certain SC terms and concepts, but I didn’t think too much of it to clue in.

I sometimes played Starcraft II while she was watching, and whenever I played against a Terran she'd refer to the marines as gummy bears, cause every game my opponent was a different color (red, green, yellow). I thought that was really cute, especially since she tried getting into the game for me.

She's a real sweetheart for writing such a lovely poem on our anniversary, and I truly appreciate her for it. She’s the best girlfriend any guy could have, so I guess that makes me pretty lucky ;)

I love her ♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Small update

Hello bloggers,

I just want to make this post to say that I'm happy that I've reached 100 followers!
You're all awesome, thanks for commenting and viewing my blog on a daily basis. :)
As you guys know, if you've read High Hearts, it was my 1 year anniversary with my lovely girlfriend yesterday.
There will be a post soon about that very special day.
I'll probably do it with my girlfriend as she's a much better writer :).
Thanks again to all my followers, make sure to check out my blog as much as you can, and I'll make sure to keep myself up to date with yours aswell.

Peace out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High Hearts

Hello bloggers, it’s the girlfriend here, coming at you with my own special edition of a Valentine’s blog ;)

My boyfriend thought it would be a neat idea to hand his blog over to a girlfriend’s perspective and fill you in on how we celebrated our very first Valentine’s Day together (which also happens to be three days before our one year anniversary on the 17th!)

Now, I know the commotion on this day can be fairly over exaggerated and can sometimes lead people to expect too much or even too little. I’ve heard several people complain merely because they’re single. Tip: Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you’re obliged to make this a lonely day for yourself. If you wish to spend this day with someone special, there’s no need to be a try hard and potentially waste this day finding a Valentine; spend the day with people you love! You aren’t going to find your soul mate by pampering them with conversation hearts; they taste like chalk medicine in my opinion. So by all means, give Cupid the finger and move on with your day.

If you’re expecting this blog to be bombarded with a lyrical Valentine’s Day story of two hopeless romantics, you’ve already got me all wrong. Sure, I like a little romance, but I’m not a flowers and candy type of girl. I like to keep this day pretty simple and sweet at the same time. It doesn’t matter to me how much money is spent or how the day is planned, when I’m with the one I love and care about, I’m already set for a wonderful day. So here’s how our day went…

I spent the night at my boyfriend’s house as both of us crammed and cuddled in his little bed, and I fell asleep quite peacefully without any expectations regarding the next day. When I awakened in the morning he was there to greet me with breakfast in bed, even though I urged him not to many times the night before. I was even going set an alarm to get up before him so I could make us breakfast, but he beat me to it. Some eggs, croissants, strawberries, and a nice cold glass of ice-tea. It was perfect.

Since it was Monday, we still had work but there was only an hour difference from when we both came home. We watched ‘The Uninvited’, which he thought was quite confusing in the end, but I thought it had a really interesting twist of a plot. Afterwards we casually went out for pizza and ice-cream at a nearby restaurant and just caught the sunset as we were walking home. We were going to stop in the field to pick out shapes in the clouds like corny couples do, but the highly suspicious and unusual stare-down from a neighbour kept us walking. And on top of that, all the clouds were simultaneously drifting like similar cotton candy blobs.

When we got home we decided to enlighten the day by doing something out of the ordinary- by that I mean whipping up some hash brownies. Come on, my boyfriend lives in Amsterdam, of course we’re going to try it! It took a while for it to kick in, but as we ate our fail of a batch, we played about 20 games of LoL (or so it seemed) and the remedy began.  Ashe is one of my favourite heroes to play and let me tell you, it was so extremely difficult to shoot my ulti when I barely had control over the mouse. Not to mention everything around me already looked like flying arrows. The brownies had a pretty long lasting effect, accompanied by ridiculous fatigue = not very fun. But that was basically our Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, I can’t say that I remember making love to top off the evening, but I’m sure it was hilarious if we tried.

I hope this was a happy read, and I hope you all had a wonderful/non-sucky Valentine’s Day! Please feel free to comment about your Valentine’s Day, or any previous Valentine’s Day experiences.

:) ♥

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fedor vs Silva - Arlovski vs Kharitonov

Oh no, oh crap.
That's right, 0/2 bets.

Arlovski vs Kharitonov, for some odd reason Arlovski was the favorite according to the fans but was proved wrong. Eventhough Arlovski started out really well, he couldn't circle away from the cage and his chin was as poor as ever. A few blows to the chin of Arlovski and he dropped, he was out cold - and looked pretty "stiff" on the ground. 4 losses in a row now Arlovski, maybe you should give it..

Fedor vs Silva
Alright, I have to admit that Silva is extremely underrated and was ignored by a lot of fans to even come close to beating Fedor. Silva used his size (34 pounds difference aswell) to his advantage and GnP'd Fedor in the second round. The first round however wasn't all that bad for Fedor, eventhough I Scored 10-9 for Silva.
Fedor always seems to get beat up in the first few minutes these (years?).
The second round Fedor made a huge mistake by going to the ground with him.
Silva literally sat ontop of Fedor and there was _nothing_ he could do.
He did handle it very well while Silva being in full mount, but it wasn't enough.
After the second round finished, Fedor's right eye was swollen.
He couldn't even see anymore, eventhough Fedor was ready to go for a 3rd round the referee didn't agree with it.

I'd say that the stoppage made some sense, but then again GSP vs Koscheck was the exact same.
I really wanted to see the 3rd and final round, I kept telling myself that Fedor would make a comback and KO Silva. I also felt like Fedor isn't as hungry as he was, the Fedor from the Pride years didn't show up.
Should Fedor retire? Maybe.
He's 34 years old and looks worse every fight, maybe it's time to give up and relax.
Fedor, the GOAT no question about it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament

With Fedor vs Silva and Arlovski vs Kharitonov tomorrow, the tournament is starting.
First of all, I´m so friggin pumped for this.
I love this move by Strikeforce, this tournament is going to be amazing.
I hope none of the fighers get injured too bad that replacement is needed.
So, onto my predictions.

Fedor vs Silva
This could be interesting, but my pick will never change.
I´d say Fedor by TKO/KO, probably not first round though.
Hopefully Fedor doesn't break his hand on Silva's huge head, which can be an option though.
I heard it's as hard as steel.
We've all been waiting to see Fedor jump back in, after the loss to Werdum you just know Fedor isn't going to be overconfident and make such a mistake ever again.
I think we're going to see the most dangerous Fedor of all time.

Arlovski vs Kharitonov
Damn, tough one.
Arlovski lost his last 3 fights, he needs to win this one to get some sort of confidence back.
Kharitonov is a tough, tough opponent. A stone cold russian.
I hope Arlovski pulls through, but this is just a cointoss.
I'm picking Arlovski, I hope his chin is ready and out-box Kharitonov.
Arlovski by decision.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm a terrible drawer

So today I had nothing to do and wanted to do something.
I started drawing in Paint and realized how bad I actually am.
Then I had this idea to make a little drawing for my girlfriend to show her that I love her.
I ended up drawing this, printed it out, cut it in a heart shape with some text and presented it to her.
What I'm trying to say is, for you guys out there with a girlfriend, small things like this can make her happy.
Take some effort to show how you really feel. I ended up getting a few more kisses and my girlfriend in a happy mood.
The painting is pretty bad, but I guess the effort made her smile.