Friday, February 11, 2011

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament

With Fedor vs Silva and Arlovski vs Kharitonov tomorrow, the tournament is starting.
First of all, I´m so friggin pumped for this.
I love this move by Strikeforce, this tournament is going to be amazing.
I hope none of the fighers get injured too bad that replacement is needed.
So, onto my predictions.

Fedor vs Silva
This could be interesting, but my pick will never change.
I´d say Fedor by TKO/KO, probably not first round though.
Hopefully Fedor doesn't break his hand on Silva's huge head, which can be an option though.
I heard it's as hard as steel.
We've all been waiting to see Fedor jump back in, after the loss to Werdum you just know Fedor isn't going to be overconfident and make such a mistake ever again.
I think we're going to see the most dangerous Fedor of all time.

Arlovski vs Kharitonov
Damn, tough one.
Arlovski lost his last 3 fights, he needs to win this one to get some sort of confidence back.
Kharitonov is a tough, tough opponent. A stone cold russian.
I hope Arlovski pulls through, but this is just a cointoss.
I'm picking Arlovski, I hope his chin is ready and out-box Kharitonov.
Arlovski by decision.


  1. I really like these mma grand prix tournaments like K-1. It makes things more interesting.

  2. i love tournys. Best of luck my man.

  3. You can do it Arlovski! *Swigs from a bottle of vodka* Yeahhhh woooo!!!

  4. Good luck, i bet you'll be in the finals

  5. My favorite is Werdum . I hope he gets the cup .
    Do you know when is the semifinals and finals ?
    I dont have so much so I want to watch only finals .

  6. "Hopefully Fedor doesn't break his hand on Silva's huge head" haha

  7. interesting challenge, wish you good luck!

  8. No matter who wins, you know someone's going to get hurt.

  9. I wouldn't like to put money on who's gonna win there.

  10. I always Silva, he's a monster out there.

  11. I grew up near Brock Lesnar. Beat him up at a dance in like the sixth grade. True story, get back to me if you want to know more.

  12. Arlovski has my vote, tho it's possible that he doesn't win. We will see...