Thursday, February 10, 2011


So as I was playing SC2, playing Zerg I couldn't help to unleash my anger after going on a losing streak.
I feel that Zerg is pretty underpowered at the moment, it's just too easy to lose to any Protoss/Terran players who are actually a lot worse. I feel Zerg is the defending race while it shouldn't be, both Protoss and Terran have way too many early game options and makes the Zerg feel uncomfortable.
Scouting is hard aswell, I feel the only safe way to go without scouting which seems impossible is to go fast Lair with an evo chamber to protect yourself against any air. I also use 3 queens on 2 base.
If you drone just a little too much, you WILL die to a 2 rax or 4 warpgate.
It's very very frustrating to deal with, being Zerg I like macro games, no cheesy all-ins.

ZvZ is a huge cointoss to me, banelings are still very strong but quite useless against roaches.
Usually I go 14 hatch on 4 player maps and hope they don't scout me first.
I like Mutalisk play, I usually combine a lot of spine crawlers for defense and then go Mutalisks for map control.
I also take a 3rd at a random spot as I have all the map control I need.
Pretty RNG MU to me.

ZvT is the MU I like the most, from micro to macro, it all matters.
Most Terrans I face like to go macro games which I enjoy, if they beat me fair and square I won't complain.
I love Muta/Ling/Baneling play, and squeez a few infestors in helps a ton.

The state of ZvP in my opinion is kind of shaky, too many 4 warpgate all-ins and mass sentry which piss any Zerg player off. I smile when I see the good old forge expo from Broodwar.
Though taking 3 bases isn't needed now that we have a queen, the macro games against a good Protoss is very hard for me. When they mix Voidrays/3-4 Collo's/3-4 Immortals/Warpgate units I don't have anything that counters that. I feel as I have to safe up a ton of money and larvae to beat such an army, going from 200 food to 100 to 200 to 100 again, and just pray their army is dead. Obviously a Protoss can't reinforce as fast as a Zerg, but I find that Collo's screw up the game :(.

/end rant

If you don't know anything about SC2, suggest me other games I should blog about.


  1. sc2 is so awesome! but i hate to play zerg, even play against zerg. im a little protoss player with less skills :).
    how about a blog post about league of legends?

  2. Spread creep! All good zerg players spread creep :3

  3. @Daniel
    I don't have Diablo II

    I do spread creep, but it's hard to keep up in lategame.

    just for the record, I'm a 2k master league player.

  4. zerggg, damn 2k master league. /golfclap

  5. Aww I don't have SC2, but I did enjoy the viewpoints about the Zerg race. I should read up a little more on it so it makes sense, but interesting nonetheless.

    I was going to mention Diablo II too, but Daniel beat me to it. Have you ever played it or just no longer have it? If you haven't I cannot recommend it higher, it was almost as much a staple for me as Heroes of Might and Magic.

  6. haha i played sc2 only 2 or 3 times but i watch livestreams all day!. pretty fun 2 watch

  7. ima protoss fan myself but zerg always rushs my ass

  8. ah the mindless but enjoyable zerg :D

  9. Guild Wars 2 will be out soon
    Bring on the posts!

  10. protoss ftw! they are the best, tower rush is so much fun